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  2004.08.27  17.27
Survey!! take it!! doy ou know me?! :-p happy ocean water yaaay icecream? where icecream? yaaay

Survey taken from her royal awesomeness Joline

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

Mood: predatory

  2004.06.07  22.00
Elizabeth and I at Warner Springs


Mood: tired

  2004.05.28  20.29
Whiskey and Soda

My "masterpiece poem" for English, that I wrote late last night.

The End of the World

Pope John Paul is standing naked
On the balcony of the Ritz
With all of London before him
Before the Germans start the blitz.
All of a sudden Frances of Assisi
Is emerging from the lounge
He carries half a bottle of whiskey,
Which is all that he could scrounge.
He says hey pope you wanna shot?
And the pope says what’s the harm?
So the saint takes out a needle
And sticks the morphine in his arm.
In comes the Dalai Lama
As the Germans drop the bombs
He says don’t mind me good Christians
I’m just here collecting alms.
So the pope says to Assisi
As the city goes up in flames
I do believe that George Washington
Was a reincarnation of Saint James
Can you base that on DNA evidence?
Says the Ayatollah with a smirk
Stroking at his beard
As Assisi goes berserk.
When I was young and stupid
In jail on charges of extortion
She was five months pregnant
And we decided to have an abortion.
No worries says the pope
Patting Assisi on the head
When I was in Massachusetts the other day
I married some guy named Fred.
Suddenly the Dalai Lama speaks
From the corner of the room
Please take a few deep breaths
And tell me what you think of my perfume.
But nobody had time to inhale
For then the bombers unloaded
Five seconds later
The Ritz Carlton had exploded.
They were all dead instantly
Shattered religious gems
Except for the Ayatollah
Who hurled himself into the Thames.

Mood: full

  2004.05.14  18.08

Dream Caused by The Flight of a Bumble Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Waking Up


Mood: indescribable

  2004.05.08  22.13


Mood: peaceful

  2004.05.04  22.04

catholic rant...

Mood: anti-clerical

  2004.04.15  17.37
livejournal surveys fun yaaay

"I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less.

Ask me anything you want!

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything."

Mood: morose

  2004.04.05  12.09

Pining for the fjords

Mood: pining

  2004.04.04  13.34

This is the story of Madge and Gregory. You may have heard the tale of Eugene and Mareed, which was one of friendship. But the story of Madge and Gregory is one of love. Madge was tall and bright eyed, with thick auburn hair, and lips the colour of ripe cherry tomatoes from the valleys of northern California. Gregory was short, and people sometimes suggested that he was a hemophiliac, but he never let himself get cut. He guarded himself with a ferocity unparalleled in history. In Greek Gregory means vigilant and watchful. These two words describe everything that Gregory was. He watched himself, he watched others, and he even watched grasshoppers as they danced through the meadows near his house. At school in the halls Gregory would walk by himself taking great care not to bump into anyone, or brush against lockers that careless students might swing open in their haste to get to class. He walked quickly, his beady eyes shifting back and forth behind the large oval rims of his prescription spectacles. Madge sat behind Gregory in English class. She would gaze at the short bristles of hair on his neck wanting so badly to touch them, to feel them brush against her open palm. She would poke him in the back, and then he would turn around and say in his husky voice "Quit it" and then she would do it again. And then he would turn around, and again say "Quit it". The "Quit it"s became music to Madge's ears and she lived for 4th period, where she could hear him say those two magic words again. The words that set her heart on fire. And as for Gregory, everytime he felt her finger poke into his spine a shiver ran down to his toes, and through the toenails which he had neglected to cut for so many months that they had become ingrown. You may say that one cannot feel a tingling in their toenails for scientific reasons. But you are wrong. So powerful was the attraction between the two that even their toenails came alive when they thought of each other. Soon they began to take walks together. At first they were silent, but after a while Madge got up the courage to talk, and the flood gates to their souls were opened. In the schoolyard, by the raquetball courts, Madge and Gregory would reveal their deepest secrets to one another, the inner workings of their minds and souls. Gregory told Madge that she had lips like ripe cherry tomatoes, and Madge told Gregory about the times she had spent in English class resisting touching his bristles. Slowly Gregory took her hand and guided it to the back of his neck. He moved it up and down, as the bristles of hair tickled Madge's palm until she sighed in ecstasy. She looked into his eyes and kissed him squeezing his hand with hers. Alas, she squeezed too hard. Her fingernail pierced Gregory's fragile skin, and he began to bleed. Without platetes, his blood would not clot, and in his euphoria over Madge he had left his first aid kit, with its vital supply of band aids at home on his armoir. Madge ran to the bathroom but they were out of paper towels. She cried out in despair and stuck her head into the sink in a desperate attempt to end her own life. But budget cuts had stopped the school's water supply, and when Madge, who hadn't noticed the absence of water coming from the taps, plunged her head into the basin, ready to drown, she smacked her head against the ceramic sink bottom, and only got a mild concusion. When she woke up in hospital, she found Gregory there too. He had been saved by a quick thinking young 4th grader who had made a makeshift bandage out of her cardigan sleeve. They decided that it would be too dangerous for Gregory's health to keep seeing each other, and they went their seperate ways. But in room 513, during 4th period. Gregory's resounding shouts of "Quit it" can still be heard. And every so often, Madge reaches out a trembling hand to stroke Gregory's neck bristles, to remind them of what could have been.

Mood: curious

  2004.03.25  17.10

Paris Cafe Pictures!! (I am Colette)

Dancing with Monsieur Picasso

With Peggy and F.Scott

Taking Monseiur Chaplin's hat

Me with Mies and Mr. Fitzgerald

Mr. Churchill and Peggy Guggenheim in the background.

On the Deck

Mood: silly

  2004.03.18  21.25

i have a bunch little shards of wax. trying to spit them into my dollhouse from the computer. so far i have 4 in the attic, one in the bathroom, 2 in the bedroom, 3 in the study, 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the baby's room.

Mood: expeditious

  2004.03.13  22.26

I feel like Magritte

Mood: surrealist

  2004.03.10  18.08

'Savvy?'- Maybe you have a few defiant, smart-mouth
tendencies..but what it comes down to is that
you're a sexy beast.

Which of Captain Jack Sparrow's Quotes are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mood: amused

  2004.03.01  18.30

I just read the bio for the only other person with a live journal that lists spiritual connection as an interest:

"I'm a Personal Wellness Advisor and Business builder- fit, playful, creative. I value honesty, intimacy, integrity, and community. I like to explore friendship, love, and spiritual connection. Interests: world travel, adventure, life-long learning, thought-provoking conversation, smiles, long walks in nature, cuddling and a good movie, giving and receiving massages, and listening (really listening). I believe that the best medicine is laughter and chocolate. Why am I on this planet (this time around): Connect with my soul, create a foundation of beliefs, and help lightworkers ascend to the high places."

Sounds like we have a lot in common.

Mood: tired

  2004.02.27  21.31

"There is something about a sweet potato that cheers you up when you are low and celebrates with you when you are happy."

Mood: melancholy

  2004.02.11  17.35

We are on the good ship lollipop. We hate it. Everyone smiles and eats candy. We think that they'll get cavities and their teeth will turn yellow. Who'll be laughing then we say! We met the captain yesterday. We think he's fat. We told him but he merely said he was a jolly man. We hate that. From, us.

Mood: hyper

  2004.01.16  00.24
Cheers to Emma

Thankyou so much Emma, for continuing to post abusive comments. As you know I practically live for them. I spend my days wondering, what new insult will Emma think of next? The moment I get home I rush to the computer in eager anticipation to check if any comment has yet been left. However, instead of insulting me about my personal hygeine, or my "prostitution habits" as you usually do, you have taken to goading me childishly about the lack of comments on this, this journal. Now Emma. You and Leah are the only two people who even know about this thing. I could advertise it if I wanted to, and then dozens of people would of course flock to leave adoring comments. However, I prefer to receive your few cruel, so I continue keep it on the, what is it you like to say? ld? dl? well i like to keep it there. So just zip it Emma Strong, just zip it.


  2003.12.29  20.19

oops i just did that twice. i guess being computer illiterate has its downsides.


  2003.12.29  20.19
Lemonade Advertisement

Harken back to those lazy days of summer when you wet your whistle at a lemonade stand. Perhaps a gingham cloth was draped over a rustic table with a hand-painted sign overhead. That lemonade is probably the best you've ever tasted and we think our lemonade closely resembles this homestyle tradition.

Mood: bouncy

  2003.12.29  17.36
Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo...

I REALLY want to go to the zoo.

Mood: thoughtful

  2003.12.29  17.03

Silly Leah, the only reason I didn't put you in my heroes list is because that is a given. Everyone already knows I idolize you, so I didn't see any point in repeating common knowledge. As for whether you can stalk me, sure, as long as you go through the proper application process. I have sent one in the mail, so it should reach you shortly.
I just figured out how to work the little picture things. I only have 2 uploaded, Stars by Maxfield Parrish which is my default picture and the Ministry of Silly Walks by Monty Python. I am probably too lazy to use them, and it will always go to my default picture, so there was really no point in figuring it out, but I just wanted to make sure there was a Ministry of Silly walks picture on my journal somewhere.

Mood: restless

  2003.12.26  23.05
not again

its time to expose the truth. yes thats right the truth. as obi-wan once said to luke, the truths we cling to depend so greatly on our point of view... or something like that. it isn't relavent anyway, i just felt it would be appropriate to quote obi-wan, great hero that he is. i don't actually remember who he is. i think he is the one who got frozen, but that might have been han solo. all i really remember are the ewoks. those things were so cute. no focus, where was i. oh yes the truth. that anonoymous post i received. it was in fact from emma strong. the intelligence reports, which are based on undisputible data. all the sources lead to emma strong, in the parlour, with a rope. she left that anonymous post as an attempt to wear me down so that her little live journal won't have competition. she attacks my personal hygeine knowing full well that i bathe regularly while she sits up on her hill in a mound of filth eating cake and pork rinds and watching made for tv movies on the lifetime channel. thats right emma, this means war. i hereby call for a boycott on emma's live journal. we must force her into submission. even if it takes more meaningless entries on this godforsaken journal thing, i will never surrender.

Mood: determined

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